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Amanda Austin

Marketing Director
San Jose, California

zSpace® improves STEAM and CTE performance by delivering experiential learning with AR/VR, anywhere, anytime. Over 2,000 school districts, technical centers, community colleges and universities use zSpace. Millions of learners have benefited from learning with zSpace in preparing for college and careers, while studies have demonstrated 16% academic improvement.

Featuring 3D-screen technology, headtracking and lightweight glasses, the zSpace laptop and all-in-one PC provides immersive and interactive 3D educational experiences either at home or in person by allowing students to interact with STEAM and CTE content in a flexible, user-driven environment. Many districts have returned to instruction this fall with zSpace as a part of their remote, in-person, and blended learning strategy.

zSpace supports 12 out of the 16 federal CTE pathways as listed by Carl Perkins, (e.g. STEM, Health Science, Manufacturing, Architecture and Construction, Transportation, Distribution and Logistics, Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, IT, Arts, AV and Technology and Communications).

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