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Document Tracking Services
San Diego
Document Tracking Services (DTS) works with 860+ LEAs and 30+ COEs to make the process of tracking and updating the LCAP, SPSA, SARC, Safety and other template-based plans easy. DTS includes productivity features like data population (local and CDE data), automatic calculation and summary of expenditures/budgets in the LCAP and SPSA and is well-known for superior customer service, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness,

Ongoing Translation Support:
DTS provide ongoing translation support for COEs, District Offices and Schools to support with ongoing translation needs and requirements. Benefits of our translation service include:

• Very competitive rates.
• Translations completed by Native Speakers and guaranteed.
• Billed monthly on open POs.
• No fuss processing - submit your document(s) online, get your translated document back on your timeline.

Custom Online Forms:
DTSforms, our new service now makes it easy for districts, COEs and schools to publish, track and receive submissions for custom online forms including:

• Anonymous Bully Incident Reporting
• LCAP Sureys
• Applications
• Internal Requests (Purchase, Vacation, etc.)
• Student Level Forms (504, IEP, Case Carrier, etc.)
• Registration

To learn more or schedule a ~20-minute demo, feel free to stop by or give us a call at 858-784-0967. Thank you!